Custom Embroidery in Sacramento, CA

Custom embroidery is an excellent tool that you can use to demonstrate professionalism and attention to detail. Embroidery is the gold-standard of custom garment production and for good reason—it yields high-quality, good-looking, exceptionally durable results.

If you’re wondering why you should choose embroidery designs in Sacramento, Roseville, Rancho Cordova, and Davis, CA over other types of custom garment production, here are just some of the benefits that set embroidered custom goods apart:

  • Professional appearance:
    Custom embroidery is effortlessly professional. Investing in embroidered shirts, patches or caps is a great way to showcase the fact that you’re serious about your business.
  • Improved durability:
    Compared with screen printed and digitally printed products, embroidered products last substantially longer. You can also wash embroidered products more frequently than printed products.
  • Exceptionally versatile:
    Embroidery is an extremely versatile art form. You can use embroidery to bedeck t-shirts, sweaters, polos, caps, patches and so much more. It’s possible to combine up to 12 colors in each embroidered item.


Embroidery Stock Font List Embroidery Examples & Stitch Counts

Design No. of Stitches
Typical Left Chest 8,000
Typical Ctr. Chest 25,000
Typical Big Back 100,000

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